Ready-Wear Clothing Activities Textile Confection Activities

At Haksan Group, we create services and solutions to answer all the needs of ready-wear clothing sector. We undertake textile activities in various fields such as R&G, manufacturing, machinery equipment, confection, purchasing and marketing.

Innovative Approach in Read-Wear Sector

We manufacture world-class ready-wear clothing products.

Design & Product Development

We follow the current fashion trends in our product development and design process and we manufacture products that are loved and appreciated by the end-consumers in our own facilities.

Fabric Dyeing

Our dyeing plant with advanced technology can manufacture annual 4000 tons with washing, chemical finishing, plain dyeing and double dyeing functions.


Özgün Group, one of our group companies, has 36 million metres per year fabric weaving capacity. Özgün Group increases its capacity every year with its ever-expanding structure.


We offer full-capacity service in our confection department with 12 million per year ready-wear product manufacturing power under Özgün Group.

HAKSAN TEXTILE 25 Years of Experience in Textile

Our Brands and Companies in Textile Sector:

MRM Textile

Wholesale Sales and Marketing


Özgün Grup

Ready-Wear Manufacturing



Ready-Wear Wholesale Sales

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